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White Paper on QuickBooks Integration with FileMaker
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What people are saying about QuickBooks integration with 123sync

"123sync was a breeze to set up and configure. SolutionMakers did all of the heavy lifting for us to integrate a FileMaker solution with QuickBooks. As soon as we made sure that our data didn't break any QuickBooks rules, all we had to do was upload the 123sync files to our FileMaker server and follow the built in instructions. We were sending data from FileMaker to QuickBooks in no time! Kudos to SMI for taking the pain out of QuickBooks integration."

~ Jason Mundok - IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.


"123Sync has made our accounting integration run extremely smooth each day, saving us significant time as well as ensuring our data is correct. 123Sync was so elegantly and cleverly designed that configuring it to use was a very simple process, and using it is very intuitive, even for those in the company with no FileMaker background. The prompt and efficient support provided by SMI made enhancements to our complex system absolutely joyous! Please keep bringing out great products like 123Sync!"

~ Sean Wilsen - Micato Safaris

123sync™ Configuration Promotion


Get ready for the new year with our accounting integration bundle! Purchase 123sync and 4 hours of configuration support at $200 off the retail sales price (normally $1199).

Unleash the powerful capabilities of accounting synchronization with 123sync! Stop the redundant re-entry of data from your FileMaker or SQL files into QuickBooks accounting using our simple point-and-click configuration wizard, you can add powerful integration to your existing FileMaker or SQL solutions in AS LITTLE AS AN HOUR (based on files that conform to development best practices)! What are you waiting for?

System Requirements:

Requires FileMaker 9 or higher. Includes files for FileMaker 9-11 and FileMaker 12!

QuickBooks Windows US Versions:
Simple Start 2006+
Pro 2006+
Premier/Accountant 2002+
Enterprise 2002+

UK, Canada, Other
Pro 2003+
Premier/Accountant 2003+
Enterprise 2003+

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123sync™ Configuration Promotion

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