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Prepaid Customization or Support by the hour

Training Date: 01/01-12/31/09
Training Location: Onsite or Remote Training - TBD, TBD

Specialized one-on-one training or support by the hour.

Need help getting to the next level with your database development? Look to SMi as your FileMaker training and development specialists! We can provide hands-on training and support as well as development out sourcing.

This is training by the hour. Please purchase as many units as you feel you will need.

*Is your corporation or work group interested in training specific to the needs of the company? SolutionMakers can work with you to design training customized to fit the specific needs of your office or corporation. Whether it’s a few hours or a few days, we can create and conduct a training session for your staff that adequately prepares them for the objectives you need achieved. In addition to the terrific training you will receive, SolutionMakers can provide your company with significant savings by coming to your offices. If you are interested in finding out more about our customized training programs call (800) 237-3975 or email


Prepaid Customization or Support by the hour